The objective of the project


It is the pilot project for the construction of Eco Cluster, consisting of waste processing complex with transfer stations in the Krasnodar region on the basis of Russian and international patents with the use of domestic and foreign development of pulsed gas supply of municipal solid and industrial waste to produce heat, electricity and other renewable resources in the areas presented :

1. The village Dinskaya of the Dinskaya district (30 km from Krasnodar, cadastral numbers of the land 23: 07: 1402000: 298; 23: 07: 0502008: 2) - annual capacity is 200,000 tons.

The proposed pilot project is based on the Russian and international patents, with the creation of competitive technological systems, meets the modern requirements of innovative development of the Russian economy, and is proposed by the President of the Russian Federation, and can serve as an important step towards the creation of a new waste-processing industry.


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